February 18, 2024

Italyure Yachts New Web Site

Italyure Yachts presents its new World wide web showroom.  Founded in 2018, Italyure original story starts in 2008 when Maurizio Marzocca is the chief designer of the Canelli brand. In 2018 a fortunate meeting between Marzocca, and business partners Raffaele Vitiello and Raffaele Donnarumma who run a boat refit and servicing business founded in 1995 near Salerno, lays the basis for Italyure.  In the first years and up till the fall of 2022, Italyure was actually called Allure Yachts.  The first project between the three Italian partners is a ten meter sub-contracted sport cruiser for a South Italian customer.  After that the basis for the first 38 model are made, with the first unit launching in April 2021, and available in three versions; Classic with line shafts, Comfort with stern drives, and Sport with outboards.   The Italyure 38 is immediately a success, with the company following 45 and 35 projects, with the 35 launched in Summer 2023, and the 45 evolving to a 50 model and scheduled to arrive in 2024.  The new Italyure web site takes you around with the following buttons; Home, About, Yacht, and Press.  Italyure is also on social media with right bottom links taking you to its Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and YouTube pages.     
Production History;
38 2021- (20
35 2023- (5
50 2024- (2 *45 project

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