July 21, 2021

Azimut Magellano Ends Aground in Pwhelli

A sixteen meter Azimut Magellano explorer yacht ended aground just outside of Pwhelli Marina in North Wales, to the west of Great Britain.  This accident happened early morning July 21, and salvage operations where being prepared to be done on the evening of the same day, when a higher tide was planned to arrive.  Reports say two persons where onboard and no one suffered injuries.  Apparently this breakwater reef is difficult to visually spot when there is a medium tide, as it becomes submerged, and lays in position to starboard of the exit channel from Pwhelli Marina.
The Azimut Magellano in this accident is a 53 model, designed by Cor D.Rover for exterior and interior.  The Magellano 53 offers three cabins, plus a crew cabin aft, and a choice to have a fourth or second crew cabin in replacement of the utility room to starboard.  The Azimut Magellano 53 was released in the fall of 2013 and came as a further development of the replaced 2010 launched successful 50 Magellano.  The Magellano range was presented by Azimut in 2009 with the 74 model, the 50 being the second model of the line-up.  The Magellano range come from a thorough Azimut investment in research and design to enter the Explorer Yacht market and to minimize the hump characterizing both planning and semi-displacement hulls in that ten to fifteen knots range.  As of 2021 the Magellano 53 is still in production, and today the range has five models from the entry level 43, to the upcoming 30 Metri.

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