July 1, 2021

Collision 2021

We are at just half way into the season and the accident format for 2021 seems to be that of boat and yacht collisions.  A lot of collisions are happening at the start of 2021 and a few of them have been deadly.  When a day of fun ends in tragedy may be its time to make a review of how pleasure boating functions and if it has enough enforcement applied to it.

The sea environment offers huge spaces and unlike cars the distance of traffic between vessels is much bigger.  This gives the illusion of false control, and an impression that avoiding collision can always be done.  It is always important to be mindful of ones surroundings, the distance between other vessels, and to leave space especially in overtaking situations for a few options just in case the other helmsman needs to a safety manovre possibly to avoid some thing else he has in front of him in the water.

Boat helming is a pleasurable activity in its own, but being sure of our surroundings and driving at a distance to other craft is something one must do to ensure safety for himself and his guests.  Remember that instead of getting hard headed about having the right of way or being on the rules, the most important rule is that to avoid a collision.   

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