February 24, 2021

Super Yacht Destroys Sint Maarten Floating Pontoon

On Wednesday 24 February on the island of Saint Martin at around 1000 hours morning time super yacht Go collided with the dock of the Sint Maarten Yacht Club.  The 77 meter super yacht was just leaving its berth at Ile de Sol Marina while leaving Simpson Bay Lagoon.  The captain was actually preparing to head out of the famous Simpson Bay Bridge which has a name for leaving quite a few super yacht scratched or damaged in the operation.  The collision was caused by engine electronics malfunction, which thanks to the captains quick thinking avoided a much bigger tragedy had the yacht kept on going on to the direction of the bridge as originally planned.  Thankfully no one was injured in the accident, which crashed and sank a couple of the yacht clubs floating piers and had the yacht walk out with some cosmetic damage to the lower part of the shipside.
Super Yacht Go was delivered in 2018 and was build by Turkish Turquoise Yacht as project number NB63 to a design of H2 Yachts for both exterior and interior.  Measuring 77 meter Turquoise NB63 can accommodate twelve guests in six cabins, and is run by a crew of nineteen in ten cabins.  Power comes from twin Cat 2575hp engines which give a top speed of eighteen knots and a cruise of fifteen. 

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