February 4, 2021

Pershing Sport Cruiser in Flames

A Pershing 38 sport cruiser went ablaze while in its mooring in Porto Rosa in the North coast of Sicily at around 2100 hours on third February.  The Messina fire fighting squad went to the scene to control and put off the fire, with two units.  No one was injured in the accident, and no nearby boats where damaged, although the Pershing sport cruiser did receive extensive damage especially to the aft super structure.  This looks really a pity as this Pershing 38 really looked updated having silver and blue coloured hull as the modern units onwards from 1998, and safety railing as that of newer models.   
The Pershing 38 was launched in 1993 as a two cabins sport cruiser, with a single head, and a central dinette with galley opposite, and a shaft driven propulsion with Cats 306hp or optional 355hp.  The 38 was in 1997 updated to a 39 with the difference being a larger one foot longer extended bathing platform good for tender stowage, and an optional forward facing radar arch.  A surface drive option was also made available in the 39 but only two units where sold with this set up.  Designed as all Pershing's by Fulvio de Simoni the model had a discreet success selling around twenty units in a production run which lasted till year 1999.  With the Pershing 38, Fulvio de Simoni was pioneering the curved integrated windshield design, this being the third model, but also used to better effect to the previous 70 launched in 91 and the 57 in 92.  The integrated curved windshield was heavily copied by British boat builders Fairline with the Targa series and Princess with the V series onwards from 1995.

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