March 6, 2020

Project: Windy SLR60

During the 2020 Dusseldorf boat show Windy announced a new flagship and its biggest build to date with the SLR60 project designed by Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design  The first of these powerful sixty feet sport yacht chase boats has been commissioned by an experienced super yacht owner.  Apart the first order Windy has confirmed that it has put the SLR60 into production as the company’s flagship, that means this will not be a one off custom build but a plan to deliver more units.  Little details are available so far about the SLR60, but Windy and McKeon are saying that a lot of attention is going into it having a very dry ride from the bow flare to important chine testing.  The first unit of the SLR60 will also feature extra fuel tanks which will enable an impressive range of 850 nautical miles at 25 knots.

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