March 22, 2020

Web: Aicon New Web Site

Aicon Yachts presents its new World wide web showroom.  Starting up in 1993 as a turnkey interior design solution for yachts, the company moved to Sicily in the Messina area in 1996, and in 1999 it showed its aim to become a boat builder. In 2001 Aicon launched its 56 model, designed by Fulvio de Simoni.  The first Aicon was an important success, which sold over one hundred units in an eight year production run and also received the 2002 Cannes World Yachts Trophy in its size. In 2007 Aicon acquires the down East lobster boat Morgan brand.  In 2012 Aicon closes its doors due to the 2008 financial and the 2012 Italian crises which hits the boating sector hard.  In 2018 American investors Marc-Udo Broich and John Venner buy the Aicon name and set out to prepare a plan for relaunch.  Currently Aicon is offering three models, a new Sergio Cutolo designed 66 set to be launched in the end of 2020, the 72, and the 85.  The new Aicon website takes you around with the following buttons; Home, Yachts, Aicon Yachts History, News and Events, Press Area, Contacts, and Login.  Aicon is also on social media with button links at the bottom of the page taking you into its Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. 

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