March 27, 2020

Project: Prestige X70

In 2020, Prestige is launching a new product line which will start with the X70 as the first model of the range.  This Prestige X-line is designed by its long standing designer Garroni, with the concept coming from Valentina Militerno de Romedis and here the French brand part of the Beneteau Group aims to reinvent spaces and ease of movement on board. Created in a spirit of a larger yacht, the X70 offers infinite possibilities, blurring the line between the exterior and the interior. Based on volume, circulation and light, this concept for a luxury crossover enables you to benefit from the full beam of the yacht used to its maximum resource, reinventing space on board thanks to the wide body design.  The X70 is set apart by a radically different use of space. A traditional Flybridge uses 70% of the beam of the yacht for circulation via the sidedecks. The X70 breaks with these codes, although in pure honesty it not the first motor yacht which is doing this.  Fair to say that the wide body was first introduced in the USA starting in the eighties, on some of the fifteen meter plus motor yacht models, and in Europe Conam first with the 48 Chorum did introduce this design solution in lower sub fifteen meters models as what looks a distance year 1988.  The Chorum line did eventually introduce a 54 in 1993, which became a 60 in around 2004, and then also the 75 model flagship in 2005.  Obviously yacht design has evolved since then and in the Prestige X70 we will see latest design evolution.  Some details I like is the flash deck fore deck, while the aft deck offers a huge amount of space for this size of motor yacht.  No details are plans given yet for the interior but Prestige says the X70 is offered in three or four cabins layout sleeping six or eight persons.  Crew accommodation is for two persons.  The Prestige X70 is to be powered by standard Volvo 900hp engines, with optional for twin 1000hp units.  Top speed is estimated up to 29 knots.

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