November 24, 2018

Project: CRN 45mt Explorer Alfarosso

CRN unveils the AlfaRosso concept, an innovative 45 meter explorer super yacht designed by Francesco Paszkowski.  The Alfarosso will be available in two further lengths of  50 and 55 meters.  The CRN 45 mt Explorer Alfarosso will offer a gross tonnage of 499. Designed for an owner who loves long voyages of discovery to remote places, the CRN AlfaRosso concept is an explorer super yacht of unmistakable style. The rigor of her architectural geometries, her crisply defined hull profile, and sharp, clean lines pairing beautifully with the studied appeal of the open spaces and the exceptional indoor comfort. The stern, lower-deck, and main-deck areas also boast a singular design. Unlike typical explorer yachts, where these are normally technical areas, on AlfaRosso they are designed for guests to savor the sea to its fullest extent. The pool, the extensive terraces, and the glorious windows, some from floor to ceiling, offer a panoramic experience that is not found in similar super yachts.  The craftsmanship of the AlfaRosso will be  displayed both indoor and outdoor, with high elements of teak wood, which forms a bridge between tradition and innovation. In the sumptuous indoor spaces, the continuity between interior and exterior is exquisitely expressed in the understated elegance of the steel handrails, chosen in place of the classic gunwales, in the sophisticated minimalism of the open-step stairs linking the various decks, and in the sense of consummate relaxation exuded by the flush-deck pool on the main deck. These details bring guests into closer contact with the sea and the air, removing any barriers that might hinder the fullest enjoyment of the on-board experience. The tender and all the toys are stowed in the bow area to keep the aft area clear and clean while further emphasizing CRN AlfaRosso’s dynamic personality and its passion for exploration.

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