November 11, 2018

Arcadia Yachts New Web Site

Arcadia Yachts from Naples Italy presents its new website.  Founded in 2009 Arcadia has from its beginning presented itself as the innovative and green super yacht builder.  Arcadia first model, is the still in production A85 which launched in 2010 a year after the founding.  Today Arcadia offers eight models divided in three lines; the entry level Sherpa which offers the 18 meter and 22 meter XL, standard A line with five models from the A85 to the A115, and the For.Th Forward Thinking series which has the still in project 47 meter flagship.  Arcadia new web site is available in Italian and English language and takes you around with the following buttons; Our Fleet, Solidified Technology, Shipyard, Brand Representatives, Latest News, Download Brochure, A Yachting Renaissance, and Contact Us. Arcadia is also on social media platform Instagram with a tab button located at bottom of the page.    
Production History;
A85 2010- (14
A115 2011- (6
Sherpa 60 2016-
85S 2016- (2
A100 2016 (1)
A105 2018- (3)
Sherpa 80 2019- *72 Sherpa/XL project
A96 2023- (4

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