November 18, 2018

Web: Sanlorenzo New Web Site

Sanlorenzo one of the most famous and highly regarded by the connoisseurs Italian motor and super yacht builders presents its new World wide web showroom. Sanlorenzo was founded 1958 by Gianfranco Cecchi and Guiliano Pecchia, in Viareggio with the first premises being the Canottieri Berchielli.  In 1972 Giovanni Janetti take over Sanlorenzo who renews the production and range 16,5 and 20 Vetrorovescio models designed by Paolo Caliari.  From its founding till 1985 the company builds it's cruisers and yachts in wood, but in 1985 Sanlorenzo launches it 57 model produced up until 1993 which marks it's first fiberglass build, and a successful one at that. Other models build in fiberglass will follow from a sports 55, to the 70 launched in the end of the eighties, and the 80 in 1988. The Sanlorenzo 80 will remain a flagship for a couple of years up until 1995 when the 100 is launched. In 1999 Sanlorenzo moves to a new yard further North to Viareggio, in Ameglia, at La Spezia. The new Ameglia yard is also ISO 14001 certified. 2005 marks a change of leadership at Sanlorenzo when the shipyard ownership is changed from Giovanni Janetti to Massimo Perotti. In the same year Sanlorenzo opens a new Viareggio production site which will be dedicated to the larger yachts. 2007 is an important year for Sanlorenzo with the launch of the new SD92 presenting the Semi Displacement line, and the first 40 Alloy model. This last apart being the new Sanlorenzo flagship for the coming three years will receive three important awards from Showboats, and World Superyacht. In 2010 Sanlorenzo launches another larger flagship the 46 Steel, which is also the first build in steel metal, and an alloy super structure.  This is again superseded in 2017 when Sanlorenzo launched the 52 Steel model.  Also in 2017 Sanlorenzo presents the modern explorer semi displacing Zuccon designed SX line with the SX86 model. Currently Sanlorenzo largest offer is the 64/70 Steel project. Today Sanlorenzo continues its custom approach and builds about thirty motor, explorer, and super yachts a year. The current Sanlorenzo line up is divided in the Superyacht and Yacht range divided into seven series which build yachts from the SX76 up to the 70 Steel, totaling eighteen models.  The Superyacht range offers four ranges; Alloy, Steel, Explorer, and E-Motion, while the Yacht range offers three; SL, SD, and SX. The new Sanlorenzo website takes you around with the following buttons; Shipyard, Philosophy, Range, News, Service, Brand Representative, Careers, Contact, and Language.  

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