October 3, 2018

Project: Lynx 19m Commuter

Lynx Yachts from the Netherlands announce a collaboration with Zurn Yacht Design from the USA for a new 19m Commuter project.  Doug Zurn has defined a new style of big, fun, and fast traditional yacht that has links to the past but runs like tomorrow.  This fast, distinctive boat developed for the Dutch shipyard, Lynx Yachts has distinctive traditional looks and will be custom build, built of aluminum, and is designed as a versatile tender to a much larger yacht. Both Lynx and Zurn though advise that your version may perfectly serve a function once familiar, as a quick and traffic-free means to commute to work or pleasure. Many aspects of the design are quintessential Zurn, from the hard-chine medium Vee hull shape with seventeen degrees dead-rise aft, to the purposeful look of the superstructure which appears almost military. Of course the boldest element, although practical is the aggressive reverse sheer. Besides insuring second, and even third looks, this distribution of volume insures a commodious bow inside, with features to enhance seaworthiness and dryness too. The lowered aft cockpit eases entry, and subtly encourages more sybaritic pleasures like sunbathing, swimming, or just relaxing with a drink from the bar.  The first Lynx 19m Commuter is laid out to accommodate two crew forward. This cabin with twin V-shaped berths is isolated from the main entertainment salon by the unusually commodious galley.  The living room styled main cabin has a spacious en-suite head with private shower compartment. The furniture quickly and easily converts to a double bed, and so for practical purposes it’s entirely possible for two couples to cruise, their cabins very private from each other. On the other hand, Doug Zurn anticipated this yacht will host many a party, and so he calculated things like widened passages, airy drop-windows, clear Lexan stern doors, and many other little wizardry from the architectural world, so as to host up to eighteen guests.  At present it is anticipated that Lynx Yachts has planned to build the Lynx 19m Commuter in aluminum metal. The design has a look that complements its construction, and the extremely interesting shape doesn’t require varnished wood adornment, in fact too much of that would be gilding an already stylish traditional yacht. Coated head to toe in Awlgrip, which was designed from day one specifically to adorn aluminum, the Lynx 19m Commuter boat will be just as durable as it is dutiful.  The Lynx 19m Commuter is powered by twin Caterpillar 1900hp diesels residing beneath the sun lounges well aft, and silenced with vibration insulated boxes.  The 19m Commuter is expected to reach speeds up to 45 knots cruise at 38 and deliver a range up to five hundred nautical miles from a 6015 liters fuel capacity. 

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