October 1, 2018

blogger - Cannes of Italy

For five days in September it looks like Cannes for its Festival boat show becomes an Italian province.  Today in 2018, but since five to six years the Italian boat builders have made Cannes there own international boat show, replacing it for the most part even with there own Genoa, helping no little to put the French boat show at the top spot of boat showing.  Novelties and future projects are presented in Cannes in more then any other boat show today.  
A decade ago Cannes was considered by Italians and other European boat builders and buyers the warm up to Genoa, today this script has changed.  Cannes is the boat show everyone waits for, and apart the boats and World presentations it has become a sort of meeting and party place for various industry entities.  The Cannes by night has become for example a huge success, with the simple idea that yachts do look cool in the night.  It has added a new dimension to boat showing previously unknown to outdoor boat shows.
It will be interesting what the other boat shows do invent, Cannes is no record breaker, for example Genoa still has by triple more visitors in its six days run.  But the quality of crowd in the French boat show is unique as is the end of Summer atmosphere.  Cannes has become the last Summer meet up for boaters, and with it we see the novelties to watch in a marina near you the following year.

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