October 15, 2018

Project: Evo Yachts R5

After the success of the 43 and WA models, Evo Yachts is looking forward to expand its range not only on its now popular thirteen meter platform, but also for fully new and bigger models.  Enters the Evo Yachts R5, a project for a t-top style sport yacht which aims to take the footprint and features of the 43 model into a bigger fifteen meter plus size.  So far Blu Emme the company who owns and founded Evo Yachts in 2015 with the introduction of the 43 and the Rivellini design team is not giving much details about the R5.  What we can say is that like its smaller 43 sister the R5 is full of minimal modern design, and will have the technological innovation which made the small Evo Yacht famous.

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