June 19, 2018

Project: BlueGame BG62

With the current center console mania increasing in success and size BlueGame should be a builder to grow in the coming years.  Founded in 2002 BlueGame was and still is ahead of its time, and the launch of Luja, the prototype model launched in year 2000 it showed the road for what an SUV yacht should be.  For the fall of 2018 BlueGame is updating its model range, starting with the BG62 what is an evolution of the 60 unit launched in 2009.  The new BG62 versus the 60 will feature an interior redesign and exterior restyling by Zuccon, hull shape updated by Codega to support the propulsion change from line shaft to Volvo IPS pod drives.  Restyled by Zuccon the interior of the BG62 shows an interior with a two cabin layout and that for a full beam owners cabins.  In between the cabins is a galley and C-shaped settee.  The BlueGame BG62 will be powered by twin Volvo 900hp with IPS pod drives allowing for a top speed up to 35 knots and cruise in the region of 30 knots.  

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