June 2, 2018

Project: Sanlorenzo SL102

Sanlorenzo present the project for the new SL 102.  Designed by Zuccon with  Chris Bangle of BMW car design fame as technical director the SL 102 is a significant new project model because of a distinctive semi wide body main deck design.  The SL 102 is also the first Sanlorenzo on which Zuccon studio has officially worked, and represents the reinterpretation to renew the shipyard’s storied planning super yacht range. The research of Chris Bangle provides the new SL 102, a super yacht that will have an innovative asymmetrical layout, where the spaces and flows of life on board will be re-defined from a different perspective. Asymmetrical in the sense that the SL 102 will feature a semi wide body design to one side, the port-side area of the main deck being fully wide body used to maximize interior space.  The SL 102 will also feature various different points of view, functional settings and opportunities to perceive the sea from new and dynamic perspectives, which change constantly as you move around on board.  The SL 102 will feature a couple of different layouts with the standard offering an owners stateroom on the main deck, and four guest cabins on the lower deck.  The Sanlorenzo SL 102 is to be powered by twin MTU 1700hp or 1900hp with speeds up to a max 29 knots with the large engines.  Sanlorenzo has plans to present other models in a similar theme with news for a 92 and a 112 in the works.

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