November 11, 2017

Project: Dominator 38M Ilumen

Dominator Yachts began work on the new Ilumen 38M tri-deck superyacht. The design will be developed, amongst others, by Luca Catino, and Giorgio M. Cassetta Design. Like its predecessor, 38M Ilumen will be executed to client’s exclusive requirements. According to the designer, the choice of materials reflects the current trends, but gravitates to the classics. Expect spacious interior and incredible glazing. The task before the project team is not easy: to reproduce unique lines of 28M Ilumen in a brand new version of the yacht and, of course, repeat its success.  The Dominator 38M Ilumen is standard powered by twin Man 1900hp which give max speeds up to 15 knots.  Alternatively it can be powered by twin MTU of 2575hp which increases top speed up to 21 knots.

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