November 28, 2017

Engine: FPT N67 Evo 570hp

The new FPT N67 Evo 570hp is the latest product within the renowned NEF family and ensures top performance, low fuel consumption and reduced environmental impact. These advancements are due to FPT Industrial innovation, bringing together second generation Electronic Common Rail and Wastegate water-cooled turbocharging. Furthermore, it has 4 valves per cylinder, a ladder frame cylinder block and a rear gear train timing system. One of the great perks of this new engine is its lightness: it has the best power to weight ratio in its category, ensuring best boat performance for fast planing and top speed, with best-in-class power density and top torque density among competitors. Moreover, the innovative design and compact lay-out ensures easier installation with simpler engine servicing, assuring greater space available on board. As for the environment, the N67 Evo, with second generation Electronic Common Rail, guarantees greater efficiency, while reducing emissions, and is compliant with US-EPA Tier 3 and EU European Recreational Directive, the two current and most stringent certifications for marine pleasure engines. Moreover, it is compliant also with the IMO MARPOL II. This engine features high navigation comfort as noise and vibrations are reduced to minimum levels.

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