August 6, 2015

Jo Nunez 1971 - 2015

Following a vision set forth by his widely respected father Pantera Boats founder Pepe Nuñez, Jo Nuñez blended decades of powerboat design, construction and racing experience with his love for motor sports competition such as motocross and NHRA Pro Stock drag racing to enrich brand recognition and carry on an esteemed family legacy. Sadly Jo, 44, passed away following complication with advance stage IV thymus cancer.  The recent backbone of the company in Hialeah, Florida, that was established in 1974 by Pepe and Linda Nuñez, Jo is survived by his mother and father; his sister, Barbara; his wife, Yvette, and their son, Jo. Throughout his career Jo built dozens of boats from 24 to 41 feet, set endurance records, won world championships and, most importantly, established a huge group of friends thanks to his deep-rooted passion for boating.

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