August 22, 2015

Cerri New Web Site

Cerri from Italy presents its new World wide web showroom.  Founded in 1997 by Carlo Cerri, this builder creates success thanks to an innovative design on all its models.  The first Cerri is a 28 model, and stirs a following audience thanks to the innovative main deck concept which mixes an open walk around layout along with a cabin interior.  This concept is followed in the next Cerri models the 52 launched in 1999, and the 40 presented on 2001.  All these Cerri although stopped in production have still an audience in the used market from customers who look for a quality construction along with an innovative exterior layout.  In 2002 Cerri presents its entrance to the super yacht market with the innovative 86 Flying Sport project with the first unit to be delivered in 2004.  The 86 Flying Sport stirs the market for being among the first latest generation hard top sport yacht model to feature a sport bridge up top, and success can be seen for the of over fourteen units.   In 2007 Cerri expands its production area to over 70,000 squared meters this move being made to accommodate new bigger models to the 86.  The first unit of the 102 Flyingsport is delivered in 2009 and hull two follows in 2012.  In September 2011 Cerri majority shares are purchased by the Gavio Group, who stirs the boat builder to a new success.  Cerri current range features two models 86 and 102 Flying Sport, with a project of three additional models currently being offered; 24m and 35m Navette, and the 35m Phileas. Cerri new website is available in Italian and English language and takes your around with the following buttons; The New Models. CCN World, Our Fleet, News and Events, Media, and Contacts.  
Production History; (semi-production only)
28 1997-2009
52 1999-2006
40 2001-2008
86 Flying Sport 2004-14 (14)
Tender 10.40 m 2006-10(6)
102 Flying Sport 2009-18 (6)

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