November 23, 2014

Project: Nordhavn 96

Pacific Asian Enterprises has expanded the Nordhavn line with the addition of the brand new 96. With three hulls already sold, this new design looks to serve as a stepping stone between the large cruiser and super-yacht categories. For the enthusiast who is seeking super-yacht like style and features in a boat that is still able to be managed with no or minimal crew, the Nordhavn 96 is the ideal solution.  She is based on the hull of the very successful Nordhavn 86, and incorporates a three meters hull cockpit extension that allows for space bumps in several areas of the boat including the crew area, saloon and sky lounge. Additional room is also found within the outside deck, aft of the sky lounge as well as the flybridge, which are both lengthened. Chief of Design, Jeff Leishman, N.A., said there will be no changes to fuel capacity and that there may be slight gains in fuel burn due to the N96’s longer water line. Meanwhile, there will be relatively little increase in displacement.  The Nordhavn 96 is an efficient way to give a customer the additional space they are seeking without the drastic cost of building an entirely new hull. Nordhavn has employed this method of thinking with several of its other models including the N52 based on the N47, the N60 and 63 based on the N55, the N68 based on the N64, and the N76 based on the N72, and the approach has been a hugely successful one. The stretched out models proved themselves to be so advantageous that, as a result, they have become more popular than their predecessors. And contrary to a recently published report, there is absolutely zero downside to adding hull extensions. Like the N86, the interior of the Nordhavn 96 is customize able to the owner’s personal vision. She accommodates eight comfortably within the VIP and three guest staterooms, and includes a captain’s cabin and crew quarters with separate entrance. She is propelled with twin Caterpillar 1015hp engines allowing a cruising speed of 10 knots and carries more than 26000 liters of fuel.

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