November 14, 2014

Project: Cheoy Lee 150 Explorer

Pushed by the signing of new designer Jon Overing and following the popularity of the Cheoy Lee long-range explorer yachts, a new generation redesign could further enhance the noteworthy efficiency of the displacement steel hull. A powerful single engine Caterpillar 1911hp, with a diesel propulsion engine forward as backup, combined with the large rudder and hydrodynamic bulbous hull, deliver 35% lower fuel consumption. This efficiency is strategic, giving better efficiency and an intent to add a "green" factor to its Explorer series.  While the Explorer yacht's heritage lies in Cheoy Lee's tradition of building durable, long-range commercial ships, the luxury consumer amenities of the model are unsurpassed by other such vessels in its class. The 150 Explorer can travel self-sustained for long distances without sacrificing a single creature comfort. The increased fuel capacity now enables travel from seven to nine thousand nautical miles, enabling exploration of multiple destinations in one cruise. The new 150 Explorer also has increased living space, in keeping with the design philosophies of Cheoy Lee. Utilizing the full capacity of the vessel's depth, piping and wiring are all conveniently located beneath the sole, easily accessible for maintenance, leaving more efficient use of space above for spacious cabins, salon and galley areas.  The Cheoy Lee 150 Explorer's three and a half deck layout provides for great interior volume and versatility. 

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