June 16, 2013

Web: Nordic Tugs New Web Site

Hand crafted in the USA this is Nordic Tugs motto presented under its logo in the new website. A big word for something actually quite true. While many explorer trawler type designs are US inspired, the vast majority of these are actually built other places outside the North American continent. Nordic Tugs with this states that its models are build in the USA unlike the majority of its competition. Founded by Jerry Husted in 1979, during the midst of the oil crises in that period, this actually helping the founding of this marque. Designed by Lynn Senour the first Nordic Tug was the 26, which had early twenty century tug boat looks with a semi displacement hull balancing speeds and fuel consumptions. Nordic Tug presented the 26 at the Seattle boat show in 1980, selling thirty seven during the event, with a total of 54 for that whole month. After this success Nordic Tugs went on to expand the line with a 32 launched in 1985, the 37 in the mid nineties, 42 late nineties, 52 in 2003, and the 54 in 2007. The classic 26 was stopped in production in 1997, but Nordic Tugs did return it into production as a limited edition model the past year. Due to expansion Nordic Tugs also changed its establishment three times in its history but always located in the home that is the Washington area, starting at Woodinville, moving in 1990 to Burlington, and in 1998 again in Burlington down the street from its previous facility. Nordic Tugs expanded the current facility in 2007, today having an area of 40.000 squared metres where it builds it current line of six Explorer Cruiser and Yacht type models starting from the 26 reintroduced modernized in 2009, up to the 54 presented in 2007. The new web showroom takes you around with the following buttons; Home, The Nordic Tugs Difference, Our Models, Dealers, News, Company, and Contact.  As is common nowadays Nordic Tugs also features social media hubs Facebook, and Twitter both linked directly from the website.

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