June 29, 2013

Project: Monte Carlo Yachts MCY86

Flagship motorboat line of the Beneteau Group, the announcement was made since the founding of the company back in 2009, that Monte Carlo Yachts will venture into super yacht size over 24 meters with this line and finally the project doing this comes from the fourth model, its upcoming MCY 86.  The Monte Carlo MCY86 flagship follows the family feeling Italians from Venice designers Nuvolari Lenard created with the previous 76, 65, and 70 models. An original design which sets a lot of hybrid from other genres creating a unique fresh look outside which gets more imposing and sporty in this new flagship.  That is at least what the above rendering transmits, thanks to a longer then usual fore deck, and a flybridge which looks lower due to the bigger size.  Inside although no layouts seem to be shown as yet Monte Carlo will take a flexible semi custom approach; with choices for a three, four or five cabin versions being available.  That is definitely very super yachts standard. The finishing of the interior will also come from highly regarded design firms with choices coming from Armani, Frau, Hermes, and Pierre Frey, this being added with the use of exquisite details as Venetian mosaics, cedar stone marbles, and Moka cream limestone.  But other super larger yachts technical elements also are part of the MCY86 some coming as optional others as standard; like the Jacuzzi spa on the flybridge, the must have carbon made T-top with opening soft top, to the main deck large venetian doors, opening side bathing platforms, and the Portuguese bridge.  Power is twin MAN 1800hp engines with estimated top speeds being at about 29 knots.         

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