May 1, 2013

blogger - Some Happening!

It seems that after a year with not much happening, the Endurance racing series of offshore powerboating might have a better turn around in 2013. So far we have three  Grand Prix announced; Netherlands from 24 to the 26 May, Belgium from 15 to 16 June, and then its again in the Netherlands from the 5 to 6 October. 
This is definitely a start and looks much better to what the 2012 season looked like, when only the Rome Offshore Speed race was scheduled in July.  Hopefully a couple more places will join up if the excitement bulb switches on.  We know that Italy has always been passionate about the Endurance class,  so hopefully some race can also happen in the South European peninsula. 
Italians along with US drivers and builders carries the most success in this series, even before it went in a category of its own and it was Class 1 back in the days, eighties and before.  That is when Class 1 was much more an offshore series with such legendary races as the Viareggio - Bastia, and Cowes Torquay being symbols of a past where sea challenging along with speed was an important factor.
With three races this can be called a championship, and now its up to see how many competitors turn around and what kind of interest this will bring.  In its peak the Endurance Class Series with its name as Powerboat P1 gathered a high interest with some racing towns also having over 100,000 spectators by the sea side watching the races, and at times having twenty plus total boats competing in Supersport and Evolution classes. 

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