December 21, 2012

Web: Dalla Pieta New Web Site

Dalla Pieta from Venice, Italy presents its new World wide web virtual showroom.  This firm story starts in 1949 when Bepi Dalla Pieta builds his first boat, but it will be ten years later to this when the first establishment is opened on the Giudecca island in Venice.  The first steps of Dalla Pieta the builder are outboard boats from four to seven meters named; Rio, Laguna, and Ionio and these are soon followed by other inboard models; Adriatico, Tirreno, and Pacifico.  Thanks to its Hunt inspired deep Vee hulls various Dalla Pieta models have success in many competitions and soon the name is associated with good sea keeping, so the company launches the revolutionary Manta a boat fully dedicated to racing.  In the seventies Dalla Pieta due to more clients demand moves its premises to Marghera where it can build larger craft up to 14 meters.  In the eighties comes the transfer of ownership to the sons of Bepi; Gianni and Giorgio who expand to a new production facility in Fusina-Malcontenta and also begin an expansion period of the yard with the 28 and 37 Altair open sports cruisers, the 52 Asterion flybridge motor yacht, and the very revolutionary for the early nineties 43 and 55 Al Na'Ir hard top models.  Both the Al Na'Ir where in fact both featured with a patio door and an opening hard top capsule which even in today's standards was well ahead of its time.  The period from 2002 till 09 sees a growth of 700% to Dalla Pieta, and important organizational changes with Michele Cazzanti head of the company along Giorgio, and Engineer Fausto Colombi coming from Riva and Sarnico yards taking responsibility of building. This growth is soon stopped due to recession hitting the World and Dalla Pieta is in liquidation for a year in 2010 purchased later by a big multi national company who gives the helm to Franco Nocera and Giovan Battista Penzo, both part of the Venice brand recent history. Today Dalla Pieta builds six models from fifty to eighty feet starting with the  DP50 HT, up to the DP80 HT.  Its latest model is this year 2012 launched DP70 Fly sold on plan to a dedicated client.  Dalla Pieta new web site is available in Italian and English language and takes you around with the following buttons; Home, Company, Yachts, Preowned, News, and Contacts.  Dalla Pieta has also its social network hubs; Facebook, and Youtube with a direct link available on the top right corner of the new site.    

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