December 11, 2012

Project: Aquastar 49S

Aquastar presents its latest development the new 49S model.  The first 49S is already in build, and should launch in coming Spring 2013.  Exterior wise the new 49S captures a lot of the features of the latest 42 launch mixed with those of the bigger Aquastar models, see big view windows for the owners aft cabin and a more higher profile for the second.  Is also interesting how Aquastar wants to make this pure British aft cabin cruiser a bit more of an all around see hard top covered aft deck, and more lean profile in the lines.  I am sure taking note from requests of the bigger models which usually have a more global influenced audience helped here. Aquastar so far is not giving much details both for the interiors and power performance choices.  It will be interesting to see if the layout will follow that of the 48 which offers two cabins and a larger saloon, or go for something more unedited.  At this stage we have to wait for more news from Aquastar.

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