November 14, 2012

Engine: FPT N67 570hp

As well as attaining compliance with future EPA Tier 3 exhaust emission regulations FPT Industrial has also completely revised the most representative of its marine models. The new N67 570 features a 6 cylinder in-line architecture with a 6,7 litre displacement, 4 valves per cylinder, second generation electronically controlled Common Rail fuel injection system and a turbocharger with waste-gate and intercooler. Compared to the previous version, apart from a 10 HP power increase, the engine above all offers a new lay-out and the optimization of the lubrication, cooling, air-feeding and exhaust systems. The cylinder block, reinforced by its "ladder frame" structure, remains the same, having exhaustively demonstrated its reliability even under the high mechanical stresses of endurance racing. As its key technical figures illustrate; weight/power ratio 1.14 Kg/HP, power/displacement ratio 85 HP/litre and volume/power ratio 1.31 dm3/HP, the new engine not only maintains the leadership in its class but actually increases the gap between itself and its rivals. The N67 570 incorporates numerous significant changes and optimised solutions amply tested in successful speed and endurance racing, a highly effective test bed to explore the true limits of power and reliability of an engine.  Furthermore, FPT Industrial's great experience in the production of the NEF Series engines is testified by the numbers; last July the Turin Engine plant has indeed produced the one millionth NEF engine, being in production since 2000.

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