November 29, 2012

Project: CNM 33 Continental

CNM acronym for Cantieri Navali Meditterreaneo from Rome presents a new entry level project model the 33 Continental.  This new small CNM builds on the features of previous Continental models as the 50 and 43 with the opening side bulkheads being a main characteristic. In the 33 Continental the opening side bulk heads apart of being a terrace also are the bathing platform of the boat.  I am not so sure of this idea, replacing the stern platfrom though for practical reasons.  How about when one is moored with other boats to the sides?  Anyways the 33 Continental is still in design and hopefully a choice of aft bathing platform will be available.  The 33 Continental also offers a small cabin inside with a double Vee berth and a shower head.  The dining area is in the centre of the cockpit deck which thanks to the turning of the helm and co-pilot seat can making a table for four persons.  Power to a very performance orientated two step deep Vee hull shape is twin gas petrol Mercruisers 265 or 350hp engines with stern drive propulsion.  Top speeds estimated are 58 knots with the big Mercruiser choice.  

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