November 23, 2012

Web: Group Beneteau New Web Site

Groupe Beneteau is one of the most known global production boat builders, and now this world brand updates its corporate home website. Founded 1884 in Vendee by fully qualified ship builder Benjamin Beneteau, who sets up Beneteau boat yard building trawlers for fisherman. 24 years pass and as any builder who beats the age of time Benjamin sets provocation in motion when in 1910 he builds the first engine boat called "Vainqueur des Jaloux", Conqueror of the Jealous in English which sets a lot of drama and gets accused this is scaring the fish away. In 1928 Andre Beneteau son of Benjamin takes over yard management duties, and two years later he shows the way forward building "Le Jeannot" a faster design trawler which he christens Poursuivante, translated in English to Pursuer. It is 1945 the ending of World War II, which prompts Vendee and the fishing fleet of the area needing a total rebuild, and Andre pursues his creativity by presenting the first trawler boats with bridges. This is followed in 1955 with more tuna fisherman thinking creating the first live bait storage. In 1964 the third generation Beneteau boat builders Annette Beneteau Roux, brother Andre, and husband Louis-Claude Roux take the helm pursuing the road into recreational boats and the use of fiberglass as a building material. A year later passes and Beneteau exhibits for the first time at the Paris boat show presenting the Peches Promenade concept of fishing pleasure boats. 1967 Beneteau follows more its production instincts launching the Forban and Galion models which achieve great success and are followed by another break through of Baroudeur a pleasure cruiser with living aboard comfort. 1973 sees Andre Beneteau responsible for design present the 32 Evasion first two masted yacht from the brand, and two years later this is followed by what the critics call one of his best projects the Astroblade. Between this in 1974 Beneteau launches a still today model range, its first planning motor boat the Antares, and in 1976 the 30 First designed by Andre Mauric is presented. This also marking a line which is still as at today existent. 1981 sees designer German Frers present the 42 First, recognized at the time as one of the most stable sailboats. In 1982 Beneteau is recognized as the largest production boat builder of the time. A century has passed since its founding in 1984 and Beneteau goes public on the Paris stock exchange. This is followed by more production facilities two years later when Beneteau opens a new building plant in Marion, South Carolina USA. 1987 sees the launch of another line with the Oceanis designed by Philippe Briand, and another innovative 35.5 First with project by Philippe Starck and Jean Berret is launched. 1992 marks the creation of the Beneteau Group with the CNB marking the first acquisition, followed by O'Hara mobile home concept in 1994, Jeanneau in 1995, Wauquiez in 1997 which is sold in 2008, and IRM Leisure home builder in 2007. The company also forms new brands and this starts in 1999 with EYB Yacht Brokerage firm and SGB Finance, followed in 2005 by Beneteau Foundation, and the 2009 Monte Carlo Yacht Spa in charge of Motor Yacht over fifteen metres. Today Groupe Beneteau has six boat building brands: Beneteau, Jeanneau, Lagoon, Prestige, CNB, and the recent Monte Carlo Yachts. Beneteau Group also builds leisure and residential homes. Groupe Beneteau new website is available in French and English language and takes you around with the following buttons: Beneteau Group, Brands and Services, News, Contact, Investor Corner, Press Corner, and The Brands Direct Access.

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