September 22, 2011

Project: Raffaelli 55 Storm IPS

Italian builder Raffaelli who just received new investment presents its latest challenge and new direction to the market with a project for a 55 Storm IPS.  This model is a fully enclosed sport yacht, sun roof hard top and aft patio door, and as the title says is to be powered by the Volvo forward looking dual propeller pods.  The design is trusted to Italian naval architect and designer Milavonovic, who presents lines which pay homage to this builder forty years plus story in boat building.  So far Raffaelli has not advised if the 55 Storm is to replace the 2003 presented 57 Kubang.  As the enclosed configuration usually shows, the 55 Storm offers a living on the main deck, with intelligent modern solutions making part of the concept as astern galley by the patio door which also serves the aft cockpit, and a wet bar to port side.  A C-shaped dinette is to be found to fore of the interior saloon to port side, with a very forward located helm station to starboard.  Down below we have an area dedicated only to the cabins, here offering three spacious rooms, with each having its own en-suite bathroom.  The layout while making the best of IPS pods, impresses not only for having a cabin with no bunks but also for the space dedicated in each room, and for the spacious owners stateroom located to midships.  Standard power for the 55 Storm IPS is from twin Volvo 435hp with the builder promising a top speed of 31 knots at a full load of 18 tons. 

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