September 7, 2011

Improve-it = Botnia Targa 42/44

After presenting the Comfort Fore Cabin for the 35, and 37 models Botnia from Finland presents the same concept for the 42/44 offering a totally new level of comfort on board its flagship model. This alternative layout of the forward affects deck and cabin areas, with a raised part with secure railing and easy movement. Inside, the CFC offers plenty of space, storage and head room.  In the Targa 42/44 the large "island"-style bed, the extra pipe berth and the second en-suite-toilet offers truly extra flexible sleeping accommodation onboard.  The other benefits are the raised foredeck with stainless steek side railings, easy secure movement on deck, optional sun bathing mattress, and extra interior storage space. 

1 comment:

  1. Botnia Targa 42/44 offers great features with luxury accommodation onboard.It also other facilities like Island- style bed, the extra berth.Thank you so much for making available this attractive yacht for us.