May 1, 2011

Season On

Finally after much wait for us in the Northern hemisphere the Summer season is on its way, and with it the boats in the water starts to double or even triple to what they where a couple of months ago.  It is impressive how the passion comes to you when the first sunny, calm sea day starts to appear and with it a film in your mind starts again to remind you of the great times a boat normally gives. But with this comes also a reminder of what you wanted to do, or what needs to be done for your pride to be that extra better for the coming season.
Another interest for any new season will surely be for the new buyers who choose the pride during the Winter shows and will take on the water for the first time.  How will their experience be for a first year in the water?  Will it be up to expectations how it showed in the catalogue of the chosen brand, or is it to be the nightmare sometimes said that the best two days in a boat owners life is of purchase and the sale.  Personally I don't agree with this statement and I am not the only as most boats listed in Brokerage are for owners who want to change to something bigger, different or smaller.  I also think that owning, maintaining and doing yourself jobs on a boat is also satisfactory and an always learning experience.  But whatever the case if ever in doubt I do suggest a charter to experience how a life on board really is, and better then that would be to navigate a couple of days with a friend so that to understand better the cost of keeping and running a boat similar to his.
So now that the season is well on its way happy navigation for Summer 2011, even tough the one hundred plus dollars of oil want make it very cheap for this year.  But about this we speak next time.

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