May 26, 2011

New Model: Nordhavn 63

The new Nordhavn 63 is yet another iteration of the proven hull form of the 55 model. Due to its performance and interior layout capabilities, the 55 has fast become one of the most popular, and one of the most tested Nordhavn models, of which both the the 60 and this new 63 derive from.  The new 63 is actually an aft wheelhouse version of the 60 and its extended cockpit and boat deck. Looks-wise, however, the new model retains the same salty feel that popularized the Nordhavn 62. For those who love the 62 but have a width restriction at their slip, the Nordhavn 63 may be the perfect choice with its reduced beam compared to the old model. One of P.A.E.’s greatest qualities is the ability of Chief of Design, Jeff Leishman, and his engineering staff to continually conceive, design and introduce exciting new models.  While the 63 shares the same hull as the 55/60 designs, an entire new deck and engine room mold have been created for it, providing increased interior volume and added amenities.  This gives for example a fixed crew cabin in replacement of an utility room on the smaller models, and a certerline guest stateroom with four large view portholes.  The new Nordhavn 63 is powered by John Deere 330hp with a projected range of 3,000 nautical miles.
Technical Data:
LOA - 19.95 m (62.6ft)
Waterline Length - 17.45 m
Beam - 5.49 m
Draft - 2.03 m
Displacement - 64.86 t
Fuel Capacity - 9463 l
Water Capacity - 2271 l
Accommodation - 6 guest berths, 2 crew
Engine - 1 x John Deere 6081AFM 330hp
Propulsion - line shaft with five bladed propeller
Range - 3000 nm estimate 
Construction - hull laminated with vinilester resins, White Ferro super shield Gel Coat and Arocoat non skid, Klegcell R75 Foam core above waterline

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  1. The new model vardhvan 63 is such a luxurious yacht. Its interior is so royal and feels us comfort. Thank you so much for this post. keep posting.