November 10, 2010

Web: Monterey New Web Site

World renowned US production boat builder Monterey Boats updates it World wide virtual showroom. Founded in 1985 Monterey is an independently owned family company and today it operates from Central Florida, in the USA. The world headquarters of Monterey is located in north Central Florida at Williston, strategically located to less then an hour drive from the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic ocean. The two main manufacturing plants one for sport boats, the other for cruisers and sport yachts comprise a total of 500,000 square feet situated on eighty acres adjacent to the Williston Airport. Here Monterey employ over five hundred full time boat builders who construct the current range of twenty two models in four different ranges; Sport Boat Collection, M Series, Supersports, and Cruisers & Sport Yachts. The smallest model is the eighteen feet 184FS from the Sport Boat Collection, flagship is the 415SY of the Cruisers and Sport Yacht range, and the latest is the 328SS Anniversary of the new Supersports line. Monterey's new website takes you around with the following buttons; Browse Boats, About, The Monterey Advantage, My Monterey, and Contact Information.

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