November 4, 2010

New Model: Azimut 48

Azimut presented the new 48 at the Genoa show. This new model is one of the many modified presented in this year's fall boat show season, and builds on the fortunes of the famed 47. The new 48 is on many aspects the same to the model it replaces but has been added with an extended hydraulic moving bathing platform aft, and different view by three vertical shaped windows in the mid ship guest rooms. Azimut for the 48 did not fiddle with the three cabins plus crew and the main deck layout of the interior, and the exterior looks are the same minus the changes mentioned. Which is fair enough considering that the 47 has always been said to have one of the most balanced design and layout.
Technical Data:
LOA - 14.9 m (48.9ft)
Hull Length - 14.3 m
Beam - 4.50 m
Draft - 1.40 m
Displacement - 19.5 t full load
Fuel Capacity - 2000 l
Water Capacity - 590 l
Accommodation - 6 guest berths in 3 cabins, 1 crew berth
Engines - 2 x Cummins QSC8.3 600hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speeds - 32 knots max, 27 knots cruise
Hull - Vee shape keel with 14 degrees deadrise aft
Construction - vacuum infused resin fiber glass
Project - Stefano Righini exterior, Carlo Galeazzi interior
Certification - CE B


  1. Hi there :-)

    thank you for your recent articles. I was thinking in term of 'Production efficiency' (and therefore productivity) and 'Marketing' (Range of Offers), what is the point to sell a 48 & a 50 and a 53?

    I mean why not selling a 50 only instead, and therefore producing more of them: improve your factory productivity and sell them less expensive.
    Actually, my thinking is relative to your other article about the market and it is true that the Yachting industry has very different ways of managing a Range compared to a main stream Car industry for instance.

    In Car industry, you have a range of let's say 5 different models max , but the price range of 1 model is large: options of the engine, luxury packages....

    So, why not a Flybridge 50 instead of 48 + 50 +53, and letting more choice in the engine, luxury package...

    Your factory is focusing in producing the same boats basically but with a Range of options larger... does it make sense?

  2. Hello Fred

    This is a very good question! But to understand it better one has to put into mind two important items.
    1) Is the global market that makes Azimut
    2) Is that unlike cars boats take weeks to build and complete and in some cases the bigger you go even months.

    For one it is a fair perspective that if you have global demand, each market might react different to new models. And while the 53 should have removed the 50 from production, some markets might still love the boat. For example the Azimut 50 is very popular in the adriatic. Actually I was impressed when I was in Croatia in 2006, to see them actually like hot cakes there.
    For two it is something I stress a lot in this blog that in my opinion you can never compare the car industry to the boating one. The bigger they get the boats the less the comparison can work out. I like to think more of a boat as a house where many different items togather make it complete. Yes there is the enginnerring perspective but even that is for half of it about joining and putting the other stuff in the right places. The other half is the design.

    Just a small note the 53 Azimut was made to replace the 55 and 50, but first the 55. But last year having Azimut sold other twenty 55s they decided to keep it in production for another year. This year the 55 has been stopped. So I think the 50 now with this 48 will be stopped next year. Infact the boat was not shown in the major fall Euro shows where Azimut participates personally as Cannes and Genoa.

  3. interesting indeed. Yes, the production is longer but if we think about it, the profile of these cars & boats industries are very similar:
    - marketing message of freedom, luxury, speed (and now energy saving/environment protection) about a transportation vehicle
    - same product life-cycle: similar depreciation rate, similar innovation cycle
    - issue of space in the more urban areas (port for boats, city centre for cars)...

    And I probably forgot some others!

  4. Molto bella. La vedo bene con l'opera morta colore Blu Magellano 50 e le cuscinerie esterne colore Ocra o Marrone Tabacco. Tendalino Blu. Teck su tutti i piani di calpestio. Solo il colore degli interni mi lascia perplesso, questi roveri decapé dopo a lungo andare ti stufano. Meglio tinta miele opaco, piu' classica, ma eterna.
    Con gli Optional giusti si arriva al milione di euro.

  5. Ciao. Grazie per il commento.
    Un po di tempo fa o visto un 47 (simile modello ma con piattforma di poppa piu corta e senza movimento idraulico, e vetri diversi a meta barca) con colore marrone scuro (come 53). Se non sbaglio era in vendita a Roma. Molto bella.
    Il teak nei passagi laterali si scalda troppo secondo me. I legni sono questione di gusto. Ma Azimut dovrebbe dare piu scelta hai legni nei dimensioni piu piccoli su questo sono d'accordo!