February 26, 2010

Project: Morgan 55 Fast Commuter

The project of the 55 Fast Commuter is the second completely new model from Morgan, since this builder was taken over from new owners Aicon Group in 2007. The first of the new ownership Morgan's is the recently presented 33 Dinghy. As the model name says the new Morgan will be a Fast Commuter styled Traditional Yacht. Fast Commuters are often mixed up with the Lobster Down East design due to similar looks, but can be noticed being different in having more interior accommodation, smaller aft cockpit, and a more straight shear line. Officially a Fast Commuter is a bigger and richer interpretation of the working Lobster boat. Back in time to the early part of the twentieth century Fast Commuters where the symbol of rich New Yorkers, using them as a means of transport or commuting to go from the exclusive Long Island residential area to the business central Manhattan. The 55 project will be the smallest of the four Fast Commuter models from Morgan, filling the void between the 44 Lobster, and the 70 Fast Commuter. While emphasising traditional lines the Morgan 55 Fast Commuter also has some modern touches, like an integrated slope designed stern bathing platform, and a rather spacious cockpit with a C-shaped settee and small sun pad aft. Accommodation is for three double cabins with two heads, and a crew cabin aft. Power is from twin MAN 800hp engines with estimated speeds of a 35 knots max, and 28 knots cruise.

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