February 24, 2010

Improve-it = Albemarle 360XF

In Albemarle's quest to provide more to its customers the Carolina boat builder announce a new Volvo IPS600 power propulsion choice version for the popular 360XF. This now famous Volvo propulsion system utilizes pod drives that dramatically increases efficiency compared to traditional inboard line shafts configurations. It also offers higher top speeds, faster acceleration, easy handling, reduced fuel consumption, and a better cruising range. IPS also makes for minimal vibration and sound plus virtually no exhaust fumes, thus onboard comfort takes an improvement, while at the same time retains the traditional inboard benefits, such as propellers under the hull plus extensive use of bronze and stainless steel to the gear. Albermarle also have put Volvo’s Sportfish as a standard feature, providing an unparalleled ability to chase a fish after the hook-up. While top speed figures have not been announced Albemarle announced an extra 2.5 knots versus the standard twin Cummins 540hp engines which should reach a 34 knots max, and a 121 litres per hours fuel consumption at 30 knots cruise, which means an improvement of 30%. Accommodation of the 360XF offers a four or five berth layout, version with three beds to fore, and an extra double within the convertible saloon.

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