November 29, 2009

Projects: ISA Yachts 630, ISA Yachts 600 VAL, ISA Yachts 560, ISA Yachts 500, ISA Yachts 140, ISA Yachts 390

International Shipyards Ancona presented a record breaking six projects in the last period aimed to increase its line up to the current in the water builds of three different models. Five of the new projects are for the slower but with longer autonomy Steel range which already has the 480 and 470 in the water, and one is a much waited addition to the composite line. Four of the projects are all bigger to what ISA has delivered so far, all being over fifty metres in size, with a new flagship at 63 metres also showing in these designs. Pictured above is the project for a new ISA Yachts 630, a three deck superyacht which will be the Italian builders biggest build to date. Designed by Andrea Vallicelli to a concept and naval architecture by ISA's own team, the 630 is a five guest cabin super yacht with owners suite on the main deck. Power is from twin Cat engines which give speeds up to 16 knots, with a cruise of 14 knots giving a range of 2700 nm. The project of the 600 VAL is an alternative design to the 600 WF project presented in 2007. WF standing for the designer initials of Walter Franchini, and Val for Vallicelli, who is behind this new version. Architect Vallicelli presented a 600 with more modern looks and angular curved surfaces. This project also features the master suite on the third deck, with this area being fully dedicated to the owner, and the four guest cabins staying in the lower deck, and a VIP suite on the main deck. Tender stowage is also unusual being located to mid ship in the lower deck, instead of the standard aft area. Twin Cats give a 16 knots top speed, with a 14 knots cruise giving a 2700nm range. Another design as all the new models entrusted to Andea Vallicelli, what is a three deck and a half super yacht which seems to maintain a distinct low profile. The plan of these projects seem also similar to that of the 600 Vallicelli version but in a smaller size, especially to what regards the cabin spaces in the lower deck. Twin Cats give a 16 knots max speed, while 14 knots cruise delivers a 3800nm range. The ISA 500 again follows the pen of Andrea Vallicelli, and is another triple deck super yacht with five owners and guests suite. Crew area with lobby and cabins is located to fore of the lower deck, while a double captains cabin is found on the third deck behind the pilot house. Twin Cats power this fifty metre plus super yacht which weight over four hundred tons at a 16 knots top speed, with a 14 knots cruise allowing for a range of 2200nm.
As the smaller ISA 120, the new 140 of the composite line will also be penned by Andrea Vallicelli, the designer who now is behind seven out of ten models by the Italian super yacht builder. Vallicelli presents a similar interpretation to the successful 120, but in a more larger size offering the same low profile sleek sport looks, with two and a half decks. Guest accommodation for the 140 is a four double cabin lower deck, and owners suite on the main deck. Power is a triple MTU engine set up propelled by KaMeWa jet turbines which should reach top speeds of 38 knots, and an all time 32 knots cruise giving a 520nm range.
The ISA 390 again to the design of Vallicelli is the smaller offer of the Steel line from the Italian builder. Apart other things this new model is also being available with a new Eco environmentally friendly set up. This version being named Zero is a concept presented by ISA and put in practice with the help of Siemens Spa, and MarQuio BV. A very personal displacement super yacht the 390 offers three guest cabins on the lower deck, and owners suite on the main. Crew accommodation is for six members and a lobby in lower deck to fore, plus a double captains cabin on the third deck behind the pilot house. Power is from twin Cats which give a 15 knots top speed, and a 2900nm range at 13 knots. As all ISA Yachts the 390 is build to meet the strictest class rules.

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