November 17, 2009

INBUILD ~ Galeon 340 Fly Part 1 of 4

INBUILD is a new PowerYachtBlog special section showing a boats construction phase from the project rendering we show you here, or presented by the builder in his website and brochures, to the real stuff you see, board and touch during the boat show New Model presentation. Our first Special INBUILD feature is for the Galeon 340 Fly, of which above you can see the hull form as it arrived to the Polish builder Strasyn factory a couple of weeks ago. Galeon informed that the moulding process which takes about a day has been done on hull number one. In a couple of weeks we will show further works related to the 340 Fly showing you a sort of puzzle for this flybridge motor cruiser being completed in a step by step phase.

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