November 3, 2009

Engine: FPT C90 620hp

FPT introduced the new C90 engine, in 620hp at the 49th Genoa International Boat Show. This product, which is at the top end of the market in terms of specific power, reduced consumption and emissions, will demonstrate, once again, how Fiat Power train technology is at the cutting edge. The C90 620hp benefits from the recent progress made in the automotive sector and the development of heavy transportation engines. The C90 620hp will have a new 8.7 litre engine featuring the most up to date technology, such as E.C.R. (Electronic Common Rail), which improves efficiency and reduces the impact on the environment, and integrated fuel system under the tappet cover in order to allow all the high pressure ducts to be kept inside the engine with improvements in terms of safety. The C90 follows FPT features of excellent performance, compactness, lightness, reduced consumption, low running and maintenance costs and low gas emissions and noise pollution. These features make it one of the best on the market in both the pleasure sector, with the 13 and 16 metre motorboats and yachts and in the commercial sector for heavy duty craft applications. The C90 is also an amalgam of modern technology with its six in line cylinders and mono bloc reinforced by a ladder frame allow installation even on sports boats that are exposed to extreme stress conditions produced by speed and waves. The steel crankshaft has integrated fracture split type, steel connecting rods and counter-weights. The aluminium pistons, the high turbulence combustion chamber and the four valves per cylinder contribute to improving combustion and maximising thermal and mechanical efficiency. The timing system with overhead camshafts is governed by a control located in the rear part of the mono bloc with a drastic reduction in noise in the boat cockpit. The E.C.R. injection system, with high operating pressures and the electronic control of the injection, guarantees perfect timing and precise fuel metering, with a considerable reduction in consumption and emissions. The E.C.U. Engine Control Unit is the electronic nerve centre of the engine, carrying out essential functions such as the excellent control of the fuel injection in all operating conditions, the protection of the engine against over-revving and overheating, stopping the emission of fumes, the fault diagnosis of the electronic and mechanical components, the recording of any faults and the management of the safety programme to return to port at low speed in the case of a malfunction. New production processes, with robotised assembly techniques and the numerical control of the matching tolerances, has resulted in a reduction in vibrations and lubricant consumption. The latter advantage means that the intervals for checking and changing the oil are longer compared with other Fiat Power Train engines and this results in a considerable reduction in maintenance costs and time saving. Designed to satisfy specific requirements of high performance with a low impact on the environment, noise pollution and gas emissions, the C90 620hp satisfy all the main international regulations for the sector.

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