May 18, 2009

Projects: Maritimo A60 Aegean Enclosed, Maritimo 56 Cruising Motoryacht

Australian boat builder Maritimo presents the project of two further upcoming models to join its existing range of cruisers and yachts. The first of these pictured above is the A60 Aegean Enclosed, and this is a three, closed upper bridge version for the A60 Aegean Flybridge model presented in 2008. With the enclosed bridge the A60 Aegean Enclosed takes a whole new dimension and modifies all the interior plan versus the model on which it is based. The main deck presents a different more spacious saloon, now with twin spacious l-shaped settees, galley aft and an internal staircase leading to the third deck. Up in the third upper deck enclosed area one finds a central located helm station, and two settees to both sides. Below the standard layout is also different offering a 3 cabin, 3 head version with a mid ship located owners cabin. Power for the A60 Aegean Enclosed is twin C12 715hp Cats, of which Maritimo expects a similar 25 knots cruising speed as the standard Flybridge version.
The other project set to be unveiled this month is the new 56 Cruising Motoryacht, and will be the fourth and second in size model of this range from Maritimo. The Cruising Motoryacht is a very interesting range offering hybrid looks, associated with a Sport Fisherman but adding to it comforts coming from Motor Yachts, like deep side deck, extended integrated bathing platform, and an aft deck area more made to relax and socialize then the usual open plan associated with the gaming machines. This 56 Cruising Motoryacht is expected with great anticipation mostly for pushing also the envelope of this range to a more modern direction and will offer an enclosed bridge, an interior with 3 cabins 2 heads, and an abaft located galley. Power will be twin Cats 715hp which will give a cruising speed of about 25 knots to this 27 toner.

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