May 10, 2009

Powerboat P1 - Malta GP Endurance Race

Maltese hero Aaron Ciantar was the hero of Valletta on Sunday night after the 43 Seagull Chaudron hull triumphed in Sunday’s second round Endurance Race to earn the new Ukranian Spirit Team its first Grand Prix of the Sea trophy. Cheered on by a great number of local fans, the pair continued their dominance of the SuperSport Class following Team 26 Racing’s four-minute penalty for over-speeding. The raw British pair of Daniel Cramphorn and Kim Collins were inconsolable at the post-race presentation having to look up to the home favorites instead of celebrating a debut Grand Prix series win. Benefiting from Team 26 Racing’s over-eagerness on lap four (twice) and lap six, 38 Baia Attolini were promoted to second spot in the race and ultimately in the overall standings. Aaron’s sister and co-pilot Shelley Jory took the bronze medal in the Endurance race, in their 44 Iko Casa P1’s first all girl team.
In the Evolution class 88 SNAV OSG proved to be the model of consistency as the crew of Giancarlo Cangiano and Hannes Bohinc claimed the Endurance race honors. Profiting from 10 Cigarette Smash Poker’s third lap retirement, courtesy of the Italian team’s crazy spin-out at the East end of the course, SNAV OSG romped home ahead of 47 Silverline and mid-race pacesetters, 77 Lucas Oil Budweiser, even affording the unusual luxury of dropping their speed to around 70mph with two laps to go, safe in the knowledge that victory was assured. Engine problems meant 66 Cranefield Wines failed to make the starting line whilst the 53 Metamarine Pignolo 53 did not race also today after Friday’s incident in practice.
SuperSport Endurance Race Classified Results:
1. #43 Seagull Chaudron 1:04:40.70
2. #38 Baia Attolini 1:05:44.27 includes 1:00 penalty
3. #44 Iko Casa 1:05:49.43
4. #22 Big Sergio 1:07:11.14
5. #17 MasForce 1:08:03.89
6. #26 Team 26 Racing 1:08:14.19 includes 4:00 penalty
7. #28 Blue Shaft 59:06.10 retired after 10 laps
Evolution Endurance Race Classified Results:
1. #88 SNAV OSG 1:00:25.15
2. #47 Silverline 1:04:47.00
3. #77 Lucas Oil Budweiser NO TIME retired after 11 laps
4. #10 Cigarette Smash Poker RETIRED after 3 laps
5. #66 Cranefield Wines DID NOT START

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