August 5, 2020

Out-News = Hurricane Isaias Damage in Southport, North Carolina

Isaias is the second hurricane of the 2020 Atlantic season and caused damage to the North East Coast of the USA, most of which in the Carolina's.  Reaching a Category One rating occasionally of winds around eighty knots, Isaias first appeared in July 28 and on August three it reached the East Coast of the USA.  While for a Hurricane Category one is the weaker rating, Isaias side affects as accompanying tornado's and the storm surge caused more damaged then expected in some areas. Isaias has killed five people, and caused the above damage to the Southport marina, in North Carolina on fourth August.  More similar damage was also caused to the East, at the nearby located Southarbour marina.  The damage is huge in both the marinas with a lots of boats being squeezed to each other, while a nineteen meter motor yacht is reported sinking.  No persons where injured in both of the boats mash up.  Isaias is now weakened to a Tropical storm and on the morning of fifth August was in the South East coast of Canada.  Hurricanes tend to lose power and transform to a tropical storm the more they go up North as the sea gets colder, with warm seas being a a huge catalyst to increase its power.    

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