June 25, 2019

Engine: Volvo D4 320hp

Volvo expands its 3.7 liter D4 engine, re-engineered to deliver on the increasing demand for greater reliability and a more powerful engine. Available from 150 and now up to 320hp, an extra twenty horse power from the previously largest available D4 engine, which adds to the choice of propulsion from the IPS pod drives, stern drive, shaft and water-jet installations. The changes in the new D4 are more than a face-lift, with the majority of components having been re-engineered offering up to 10% more power across the range, and improved efficiency from between 1% to 7%.

1 comment:

  1. According to Volvo's website it will no longer use the D4 engine for IPS. Before the modernization the 2 smallest IPS units (260hp, 300hp) were using the D4, but after the introduction of the new range the 2 smallest IPS units will be 300hp and 340hp respectively. Both using the new D6 engine.

    Volvo has not yet published the full specifications for their revamped engine range, so it will be interesting to see how much weight they have added, if any. When FPT renewed its most powerful 6.7L engine last year they added no less than 70kg (according to FPT's website).