January 1, 2019

blogger - The End of a Year

2018 has come and gone, what has been another good year for the nautical industry over all.  It is still not all roses and flowers with some parts of the sector doing great, others good, and a part just managing to keep going.
The winner in the last three to four years has been the 24 meter plus super yacht industry, the bigger the size and luxurious the more the demand and better the performance.  Another sector which has seen impressive growth is that for the big tender boats, day cruisers, and center console, with these last becoming the boat of the North American boater sub fifteen meter.  The North American continent has always been the most important pleasure boat market in the World.  A sector still in a bit of pieces is that of the cruiser boat from ten to twenty meters.  This sector is doing okay but still very far away from the numbers it had ten to fifteen years ago.  We might also be experiencing a change of demand, so it is possible that the flybridge motor cruiser or sport cruiser will never see the sales and grip it had on the nautical market, at least in the near future.  Sportfish boats are doing okay, this part of the market has been stable in the past five years, with the repeated formula dominated by a few brands, and a handful of custom builders building boats on demand.  This again a market reserved for the most part to the East Coast of the Central and North Americas. 
The year 2019 starting today looks to be one difficult to predict.  There is clouds in the horizon, mostly in the old continent, with three major countries having a set of different circumstances, that will create uncertainties in the European Union and beyond.  Obviously the dominant one will be Brexit, which not only means a cloud on three British motor boat builders, but also to the big chunk that is made of United Kingdom boat owners buying European Union made boats or using them in the EU. 
PowerYacht wishes to its ready all the best of the festivities and a happy 2019 year.

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