November 2, 2013

Project: Marlow 80 E Explorer

Marlow presents a new project which replaces the 78, a successful model in this US brand China build range of yachts. For this new challenge the US firm was challenged by two previous owners to provide for specific needs difficult to meet in the 78 despite its long term position as the most popular large Marlow ever conceived. None the less, the engineering and design staff at Marlow put more than a decade of experience in building more than two hundred yachts to work and created the new 80 which features greater fuel capacity, speed, range and volume in every sector while retaining the signature look of the US brand. The interior accommodations reflects fine joinery while the Marlow designed and built exterior hardware is top shelf. The owners and guest cabins are remarkably spacious and well planned while improved insulation takes quietness to a high level of comfort.  Carrying 15,000 liters of fuel in proprietary tanks that allow a 97% capacity burn in complete safety, the 80 E Explorer hull allows higher speed at ultra long range and unparalleled specifications to the highest of classification societies. The Captain on board the new 80 will also have one of the finest crew cabins ever developed in a Marlow Yacht with a lazarette immediately behind able to hold bikes, inflatables, water toys and other cruising tackle, all finished to a high industry standard. Hull 80-1 will feature the luxury and weather protection of Marlow’s Command Bridge for best visibility and comfort in any weather. Power to the Marlow 80 E Explorer comes from twin Caterpillars 1676hp which will push her at speeds up to 30 knots with moderate load conditions.  Her 22 meters waterline length spells more miles traveled per tank of fuel and more choices in where refueling takes place, at the same time providing exceptional speed to travel to and from destinations and outrun severe weather.

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