November 17, 2013

Web: Silverton New Web Site

Silverton presents its new World wide web showroom.  Founded in 1969 Silverton has in 2012 became part of Dr. Troicki Egg Harbor Group which features four other important brands in its family; Buddy Davis, Egg Harbor, Predator, and Topaz.  With Silverton Egg Harbor also purchased its top of the line yacht brand Ovation which features two models.  Silverton currently offers twelve models divided into five lines; Convertibles, T-Series, Sport Bridges, Motor Yachts, and Sport Coupes.  The entry level Silverton is the 33 Sports Coupe, while the flagship is the 50 Convertible.  Silverton latest models are the 36 Convertible, and 43 Convertible.  Silverton new web site takes you around with the following buttons; Silverton Home, Models, Our Vision, News, Boatshows, Luxury Yachts, and Silverton Family.  As is a standard nowadays Silverton also features side links to its Facebook and Twitter, social media pages.  

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