November 5, 2013

Project: Bertram 60

I was awaiting the news of Bertram new project by the hands of Robert Ullberg since his appointment as designer and product development of the flying eagle just over a year ago.  When the famous sportfish designer joined Bertram it was an interesting exciting news, especially since the signature of the architect has been an important input in the custom community for well over a decade.  The 60 project is the first of a new page to the history of the iconic builder and the famous designers that have marked its history, from Ray Hunt, Dave Napier, and the since 1999 Zuccon Ferretti duo.  Its an important new step for Bertram! Robert Ullberg in his video message is promising one of the best 60, nineteen meters sportfishing yachts in the market today, especially to what regards fish-ability, cockpit aft deck layout, and the ever important ride and handling. Considering his curriculum of various top class custom boats designed, I am sure few if any can argue his words.  

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