March 1, 2013

blogger - The Used Problem

A few years ago, before 2009 recession hit us a boat coming with a good brand name and maintenance used to bring a solid return, and I actually know a lot of cases where owners lost little to nothing when they sold used.  Sometimes people also made a surplus on the purchase prise.  The important part was maintain it well, make it look good, and things used to work out on there own.
In recent years though change hit the world economies and with the recession, the first object people seems they want to get rid off is a boat.  This is all natural since the up keeping expenses of a boat are usually not cheap and these can double or triple to the least if you keep it in a more exotic place i.e. highly demanded luxury marina. 
But does this cycle create a circle of people not buying boats anymore cause of the lose they suffered?  Unlike cars which have the same cycle boats cost a considerable amount of money to buy and keep.
So here lies the used problem, that up until the used market stabilizes and these will start to have a more decent return  the new build market will not see the growth it had before 2009.  At the moment this looks a bit far away, making buyers and bargain hunters with opportunities which I have never seen before and actually till recently did not exist.
If you are a buyer I am sure this brings you with endless opportunities plus huge savings. 

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